WebCheck is Ohio's new civilian background check program that decreases the opportunity for child molesters and other felons to harm children and other vulnerable Hocking County citizens. This innovative technology, Web Check, as its name suggests, allows the Hocking County Sheriff's Office to use the World Wide Web as a means to conduct civilian background checks for agencies such as schools, nursing homes  and day-care centers.

This new technology speeds up background checks by use of digital fingerprint scanner and Driver's License Magnetic Strip Reader connected to the WebCheck system. In turn, critical decisions about hiring can be made by schools and other agencies quickly and with confidence.

Fingerprint Information

The fingerprint and information from the applicant's driver's license or Ohio Identification Card is encrypted and electronically stored in the computer. The computer then sends the scrambled information over the internet to the BCI&I computer center, which automatically compares the information against the fingerprints and criminal histories stored in the Ohio's Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) database. Within two business days, the requesting agencies will receive the results of their background requests.

Results of checks requested through the mail can take as many as 30 days to return. It may take even longer if the fingerprints sent in are unreadable or contain incomplete information. The WebCheck system saves time because agencies electronically transfer complete and accurate fingerprint images and textual data. The results are available within two business days.

If the check finds the applicant has no criminal history, the program will indicate such. If the background check finds criminal history, the program will indicate that information will arrive by mail, telling the agency that a criminal history was found.

WebCheck Process

WebCheck is playing a key role in lowering the risk of violence in our schools by providing timely and accurate information to those who work with our children and other vulnerable citizens of Hocking County.

Current price for a Web Checks are:
BCI (State)

  • $35.00 or FBI (Federal)
  • $65.00 or both BCI and FBI
    (Prices are subject to change)

The WebCheck system is available, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, during the following hours:
Monday-Friday: 8:00am-4:00pm

Inquires concerning WebCheck may be made by contacting Val Gill at 740-385-2131 ext. 223.