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Lanny E. North
Sheriff of Hocking County
Pennie Stack
Chief Deputy of Operations
Leif Bickel
Chief Deputy of Corrections
Laiken Hamilton
Officer Manager
Joe Kinneer
Detective Bureau Commander
David Wright
Investigative Bureau Supervisor
Sam Angle
Sheriff’s Interdiction Unit Supervisor
Sean Champ
Patrol Commander
Adam Wagner
Road Patrol Supervisor
Carl Wilderman
Road Patrol Supervisor
Chris Johnson
Prisoner Transport/ Extradition
Pat Saniga
Victim's Advocate


Location: 25 East Second Street, Logan Ohio, 43138

or Call us directly: (740) 385-2131


Hocking County Sheriff's Office uses Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail (SEORJ) to house its inmates. If you would like information about a prisoner, or would like to see if a particular person is in jail, call (740) 753-4060 or visit the jail website at


For inquiries, feedback, or any questions you may have, please feel free to contact the Sheriff's Office. We welcome your comments and are here to assist you.